The creators of the Purple Heart Rating Plugin and more!

Who we are

Florian (“Flow”)

Purple Heart Article Rating plugin Team Member: FlorianFlow is the coder among the WP-Buddies. Between 7am and about 5pm he’s in the Matrix. 🙂
Flow actually was the “founder” of because he has been coding WordPress plugins since a while. In general, Flow has been coding websites for more than 15 years. Since early 2012, he has been developing his own WordPress applications, mostly for customers. And since November 2012 he’s been running the website “” where he sells his WordPress plugins and themes to the public. Since early 2013 he’s working together with two other buddies (Duke and Dave) to create another great plugin: The Purple Heart Article Rating Plugin for WordPress.

Of course, coding alone would be boring. So he’s going out as often as possible to ride his mountainbike or just for travelling. Furthermore: he loves playing Didgeridoo!

Joachim (“Duke”)

DukeDuke is the designer among the WP-Buddies and joined the team to work on our great Purple Heart Rating Plugin. He runs the website which is specialised in print-advertisement. But he’s also working on websites and other cool stuff which is related to design. He has been working with Flow on several cool projects since… well, we can’t really remember since it has been for quite some time. Duke is something like the “operator” who sometimes gets Flow back from the Matrix right into the real world 🙂

Duke loves talking about “positive thinking” and doing a lot of sports, too.

David (“Dave”)

Dave is the salesman among the WP-Buddies – but if job titles were needed he’d prefer the title ‘chief first Purple Heart Article Rating plugin Team Member: Davidimpression officer’ rather than sales. He also joined the team to work on the Purple Heart Rating Plugin. David original comes from the Bavarian part of Germany and moved to Greece in 2006. There he found his love – both in the form of a beautiful Greek ‘Aphrodite’ and also in the form of running, especially alpine ultra-marathons in the mountains of Greece.

Apart from his passion for endurance running he loves to be(come) an entrepreneur in order to escape the ‘9-7 ratrace’. Inspired by people such as Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn and, last but not least, Napoleon Hill, he runs a couple of niche-site projects, such as his affiliate website around the 10 Weeks Body Change program. Of course, you can see the Purple Heart Rating Plugin in action on this site 😉