How is your 4 Hour Workweek (4HWW) journey coming along?

4 hour workweek 4hww success
Does chasing the 4HWW dream feel sisyphean to you at times?


Being infected by the 4HWW virus marks a change in your life, especially if you decide not to fight it with fire but by making it happen. What’s your story?


Personally, I have read the book The 4 Hour Workweek* (also available in a nicely localized version for the German market: Die 4 Stunden-Woche*) in late 2009, if I remember well, and it has been one heck of an *emotional* ride so far. The ‘problem’ is: once the ‘4HWW virus’ infects you it’s really hard to get rid of it. But getting rid of it isn’t really an option anyway since reaching “4HWW” (however you define that for yourself) is a good thing. So, the only ‘cure’ is: do it, achieve it.


Although I have been ‘infected’ since 2009, I only started getting really active about a year or so ago. Until then I was in a state of analysis-paralysis regarding what to do and how to do it and if I am actually able to pull something off that can become my muse.


I decided then to give websites a try, as a means of creating passive income. While I am still quite some distance away from being where I want to be I remind myself every once in a while to look back. Because only having the final goal in mind/sight can be frustrating, depending on how big (and seemingly “unrealistic” and far away) your goals are. Looking back at where you started out from every now and then shows you the distance you have already covered. This motivates, while looking only at the goal ahead can demoralize you if you have the feeling that you cannot see the goal coming closer (which is likely if the goal is far away).


The hardest thing for me so far is exactly the above described, which in consequence means I have to tell myself constantly: be patient, be persistent, keep on believing in yourself.


Looking back I can see that I have indeed covered quite some distance, e.g. with my different (affiliate) websites plus now also a premium article rating plugin for WordPress that I created together with my good friends Flow and Duke. Not looking back might make it feel a sisyphean task.


This is actually a practice that I also apply often when the going gets hard during my alpine ultra runs: look back, enjoy the view, take a break, and push forward again.


Of course, having a burning desire inside you to achieve the specific goal will always help when the going gets hard and giving up seems the only “reasonable” option.


How has your journey been so far? What’s your biggest challenge and how do/did you overcome it? Let me know in the comments below, or by rating the article through the rating plugin below and by using the feedback window that will open afterwards!


Regards from Greece,

aka ‘Marketing Buddy’


The author, David, is in charge for marketing at WP-Buddy, a small innovative enterprise that specializes in the development of WordPress plugins and themes. All the tools of WP-Buddy are 100% focused on making your own online endeavors a success. Find out more about your WP Buddy Team.


*Full disclosure: The links to the 4 Hour Workweek/Die 4 Stunden-Woche are affiliate links, meaning: if in the end you buy it by using this link we will earn a small commission. Please note: I have been a huge fan of and believer in the philosophy behind 4HWW myself since 2009 and therefore can surely recommend it. For me it was a life-changer, and I hope it can do the same for you. Feel free to check out the book on amazon etc even without using the affiliate link. I am happy either way as long as I can provide you with useful information 🙂


picture credit ‘Sisyphus’: flickr user Beth Scupham


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