You’ve got 72 hours, or your idea will die…


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Success, failure, temporary defeat…?


Do you know what the difference is between successful people and the ones that only dream about it? The difference, according to some, seems to be: 72 hours. Or 3 days. Or 4.320 minutes. No matter how you count it: it’s exactly this time span that supposedly will make or brake your idea.

The Theory

Both for your professional and your personal goals, the ’72 hours rule’ (as proposed by German money expert Bodo Schäfer) says:

If you start within 72 hours to put your idea into reality, it has a 99% chance of success and because of that only a 1% for failure. You have to make a conscious decision to put your idea into reality. If that happens within 72 hours, success might be guaranteed.

And why is that?

If we do what we have been doing we will get what we have always been getting. Seems logical, doesn’t it? But then, all of a sudden, we’ve got that idea:

  • “I could build an affiliate website.”, or
  • “I could create and sell a WordPress Plugin (e.g. an article rating plugin), or
  • “I could sell highly qualified services and be my own boss.”


What you need to do is: make the first step immediately and get started!


You’ve got an idea for a potential project (maybe to make your 4 Hour Workweek dream come true)? Then make a conscious decision in favor of making the first step, in that very second! How? Take a piece of paper, a pen and write it down – as precisely as possible. Try to answer the following questions:

  • “What do I want to achieve?”
  • “Until when and in which time frame do I want to achieve it?”
  • “Who can help me with my endeavor?”
  • “Are there any milestones that I can reach along the way?”


If you have your goal written out on paper before you, you have done the first step. Plus: you stuck to the 72 hours rule. Important: it’s not about finishing your project within 72 hours; no, it’s about getting started and about preparing the road ahead of you.

Nothing is impossible

When we have an idea it usually comes along with a whole boat load of reasons why it will not work out:

  • “I have never done something like that before!”
  • “For sure the others will laugh about me!”
  • “I just don’t have enough time!”
  • “[fill in your personal reasons/excuses/pretenses]”


These kind of negative thoughts are totally normal and until a certain point they are actually useful. But: once you start thinking about why it might not work out, it will create an avalanche of negative thoughts. This can really destroy your ‘mojo’. Instead, try the contrary: Tell yourself 3 reasons why it could work out! You will see, the positive thoughts will come pouring after a bit. Hold on to those thoughts, write them down and read them whenever the going gets hard and whenever thoughts about quitting come up.

And if it is a “wrong” idea; if I will fail??

Let me tell you something: There are no wrong decisions!


If you find out along the way that you have made a mistake or that the idea wasn’t the best one: so what? Look at what you have learned along the way and you will realize that it very likely was worth it. Why? Because when the next idea comes around you will have learned something very important and will make it better the next time.


Remember: Thomas Edison, the great inventor who, amongst many other inventions, invented the incadescent light, tried more than 10.000 (!) times before he came up with the solution! How do we know that? Because many of his papers still exist (more than 5.000.000, that is: 5 million!!!). Interestingly, when asked what made him keep on trying rather than give up, Edison supposedly said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” which is like saying: “Because I knew I was running out of things that wouldn’t work”. How awesome is that?! 🙂


So, if you have this idea, get right to it and get started. And don’t stop with the first sign of head winds or even failure. As the great Napoleon Hill said:

“There is a vast difference between failure and temporary defeat.”

Therefore it’s only a defeat if you accept it as such and if you stop trying.

What’s your take on the ’72 hours rule’? And how do you look at temporary defeat versus failure? Let me know in the comments below, or by rating the article through the rating plugin below and by using the feedback window that will open afterwards!


Regards from Greece,

David aka ‘Marketing Buddy’


The author, David, is in charge for marketing at WP-Buddy, a small innovative enterprise that specializes in the development of WordPress plugins and themes. All the tools of WP-Buddy are 100% focused on making your own online endeavors a success. Find out more about your WP Buddy Team.


picture credit ‘Crossroads: Success or Failure’: flickr user Chris Potter


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