How we turned a disappointed customer of our rating plugin into an enthusiastic client (answer: with one email)

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Making the sale is always great, no matter how big or small the amount is in €, $ etc. – especially if you’re an entrepreneur selling your own product/service. Fact is: Someone thought your offering is good and that it might help solve a problem. But how to react if this dreaded email or call (“Sorry guys, but I am not satisfied”) comes in? Continue reading

You’ve got 72 hours, or your idea will die…


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Success, failure, temporary defeat…?


Do you know what the difference is between successful people and the ones that only dream about it? The difference, according to some, seems to be: 72 hours. Or 3 days. Or 4.320 minutes. No matter how you count it: it’s exactly this time span that supposedly will make or brake your idea. Continue reading

Trust: a precious ‚currency’ in the online world

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Creating trust through an article rating plugin


So, you’re a blogger or you have a website and you’d like to convert more potential visitors into actual visitors of your site? Well, of course you do! Here’s a question: How trustworthy are you to those that don’t know you yet? And how do you create that sort of initial trust needed to get more actual visitors? Continue reading