Trust: a precious ‚currency’ in the online world

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Creating trust through an article rating plugin


So, you’re a blogger or you have a website and you’d like to convert more potential visitors into actual visitors of your site? Well, of course you do! Here’s a question: How trustworthy are you to those that don’t know you yet? And how do you create that sort of initial trust needed to get more actual visitors?

How an article rating plugin can help you create trust


Surely you know that situation:


You are looking up something on the www and get, within the blink of an eye, a huge number of search results. How do you usually go about sorting out what is relevant or irrelevant? And once you figured that out, how do you evalute before opening a website if it is trustworthy rather than a site that only wants to get you to click some ads or subscribe to an email list?


Although people probably go about it in different ways, very likely your eye and brain will recognize aspects that immediately get a „+1 rating“ in terms of trustworthiness from your subconsciousness.


What aspects can contribute to a positive evaluation of search results?

  • a good headline
  • a good rich snippet that tells you what you can expect from the site/article
  • ‚knowing’ who the author is
  • social proof


While the first two aspects are not subject of this article, let’s look quickly into the last two aspects.

Knowing who the author is

Have you seen these little pictures of a person that sometimes show up next to some of the search results?


google authorship rich snippets wordpress plugin
This is what it looks like in the rich snippet when you claim authorship


This is called ‚authorship’ and can be achieved either through following certain steps to set this up or it can be done through installing an authorship plugin. Either way, it gives the author the chance to create a first amount of trust because it shows to the one who’s looking at the search results an actual face. Now, we all are educated enough to know that this picture may not be the actual author since there are always fakers out there. Nevertheless, at the time of the writing of this article the majority of the website owners such as bloggers etc don’t seem use that little authorship icon/photo yet. This might very likely change as times goes by, of course.


For the time being, I think it can still be an advantage to claim authorship and use such an authorship icon because it can indeed create trust.

Social proof

Social proof is probably as old as selling itself, since also word-of-mouth is social proof. If you have been selling something off-/online or have been writing a blog for a while then you know that social proof is very important. If you know Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income (a ‘must-follow-website’ if your into making money online) then there you have a good great example for someone who has understood the total value of social proof and who is doing an excellent job in increasing this ‚currency’ – of course, with the associated (monetary) benefits for him.


Social proof happens in different ways.


If you have a website on which you sell something or write a blog then one of these ways is the rating of products or articles, respectively. You know therefore that it can only have a positive effect on your business if you receive many good ratings from your satisfied clients (buyers, readers,…).


But this is only the one side of it. Why? Because this assumes that people have come already to your website. But what if they don’t know you and they come across you, because you are on the first page of the search results for whatever they are looking for? As you might know, even on the first page of the search results your chances that someone will open your website decreases signficantly the further down you are: according to ‚Market Samurai’* 42% of search users click the top-ranking link (= the one on 1st place oft he search results) and only 8% click the second-ranking link; thereafter the click-through rate (CTR) continues to drop significantly. So, wouldn’t it be a smart idea to give the searcher something that makes her say: „Interesting, looks like some people have already rated this article (product, site,…) positively“?


This is what we want to help you achieve through our Purple Heart Rating Plugin.


Since it can create these stars in the search results which again can create trust upfront, we hope that this can help you get better conversion from someone who is searching something around your main keyword to an actual visitor of your website. Of course, there are several more benefits that we want to achieve for you with this rating plugin (e.g. through the feedback function or the function that allows for the rating of comments), but the stars are surely a main benefit. You can see more features & benefits here: Purple Heart Rating Plugin.

Final thought

Getting traffic is a big subject and usually (lots of) traffic is not the result of only 1 aspect that you did right (see Pat Flynn). Therefore, this article is not supposed to make you think that you simply have to install an article rating plugin on your WordPress blog and you’ll have a bunch of new visitors. Of course, it might very well happen, though; as they say: (almost) nothing is impossible.


Just have in mind:


Your efforts shouldn’t stop once the reader is on your site. It’s then up to you to make it a „wow“-experience for the site visitor and that they find what they were looking for – no matter if it is an awesome product or a great article that’s worth rating positively and sharing with one’s network.


What is your opinion about ‘trust as an online currency’ and/or how do you go about it to gain trust? Let me know in the comments below, or by rating the article with our Purple Heart Rating Plugin below which will, after rating, also give you a chance to comment.


We at WP-Buddy wish you best of success!


Best regards from Greece,


aka Marketing Buddy


The author, David, is in charge for marketing at WP-Buddy, a small innovative enterprise that specializes in the development of WordPress plugins and themes. All the tools of WP-Buddy are 100% focused on making your own online endeavors a success. Find out more about your WP Buddy Team.



*Full disclosure: The link to Market Samurai is an affiliate link, meaning: if in the end you buy it by using this link we will earn a certain amount of commission. Please note: I have been using Market Samurai myself since 2010 and therefore can surely recommend it. For one of my websites it indeed helped me to get to the #1 position on Google for my main keyword after only about 40+ days of starting a new website in a rather competitive environment (I learned about the software through above mentioned Pat Flynn who also highly recommended it). Back then I didn’t know anything about SEO and learned so much from the training videos they also provided. So, if you check out Market Samurai and you like and buy it, you can say ‚thank you’ by using the affiliate link to Market Samurai. If not, no problem at all! Just use the regular URL: We’re happy either way as long  as we can provide you with useful information 🙂


picture credit: flickr user opensourceway


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