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Are you looking for a cool WordPress rating plugin which …

generate stars in Google’s search results,
offers your readers a pro-active way to give feedback about your site,
is highly customizable to you your needs, and
can be used on as many websites you want for a one-time payment?

Quote on Purple Heart Rating Plugin Landingpage Look no further, because you may have found just what you have been looking for: Purple Heart Rating Plugin for WordPress! Our goal is your (blogging) success!

Yet another Boring Rating WordPress Plugin? Not At All!

Let us show you what you get with the Purple Heart Rating Plugin (PHRP), by listing the features plus the connected benefits:

Add Stars to your search results with Purple Heart WordPress Rating Plugin
Feature: Adds stars to your search results if used regularly!*
Your benefit: These stars can help to create trust amongst the people who find your website in the search results of search engines. It shows that other people have valued your content.

Video 1: The Rating Stars in Action

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The Rating Plugin Stars in Action

Pop-Up for Comments
Feature: After the readers have rated an article you can ask them in a discrete ‘pop up’ to let you know what they like or would like to see on your website / in the rated article. This pop-up is based on the philosophy of the latest Wikipedia article rating approach, and it can be deactivated if you wish to do so.
Your benefit: Get direct feedback from your readers, thus getting a better feeling for what your readers (don’t) want to see.

Video 2: Article Rating & Feedback

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Article Rating & Feedback via Rating Plugin

Total customizability in regards to text, icon, color, font, CSS, location of rating
Feature: Total customizability in regards to text, icon, color, font, CSS, location of rating.
Your benefit: Your are a fan of displaying your personality also on your website? You might not like tomorrow anymore what you like today? No problem, customizability will help you to adjust PHRP to your gusto!

Video 3: Total Customization for the Purple Heart Rating Plugin

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Total Customization the Purple Heart Rating Plugin

Built-in shortcode to use it anywhere in your posts
Feature: Use the built-in short-code to display PHRP anywhere.
Your benefit: You have a certain position where you want to display PHRP, e.g. right in the middle of an article rather than at the end? You ‘dare devil’ 🙂 That’s why you can use a short code to place it anywhere you want.

Video 4: Using the Rating Plugin Shortcode

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Purple Heart Rating Plugin: Using the Plugin Shortcode

Allow rating of comments and sorting of comments based on rating
Feature: Allow rating of comments and sorting of comments based on rating.
Your benefit: Some comments might be more valuable to readers than others. Being able to rate also comments will move the comment chain with the most positive rating towards the top.

Video 5: Rate A Comment

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Rate a comment with our Rating Plugin for WordPress

TOP-10 widget for your sidebar PHRP
Feature: Add the ‘TOP-10 widget’ to your sidebar
Your benefit: This will display the best posts, pages or custom post types in the sidebar, making it easy for your readers to see what other readers like and find useful.

Video 6: Top-Rated Articles Widget

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Top-Rated Articles Widget with the Rating Plugin from WP-Buddy.com

Get automatic updates when providing your purchase code.
Feature: Get automatic updates with your purchase code.
Your benefit: No looking for updates is necessary, because each update will be ‘pushed’ to you automatically and you will be notified in your WordPress backend as soon as a new update is available.
Retina-Ready-Icons with the WordPress Rating Plugin WP-Buddy
Feature: All available icons are retina-ready!
Your benefit: It simply looks even nicer with Retina high-resolution display 😉
Language-Ready plugin
Feature: Language-ready! The .po-file is included in the language-folder.
Your benefit: You are missing your language and would like to contribute to PHRP? Then your are more than welcome to share your translation with us, allowing other PHRP users as well to use it in their own language. At the same time this means that, even though you yourself don’t want to translate, chances are good that someone will translate and you’ll have a version in your language sometime.
Already translated into English, German and Italian.
Feature: Already translated into English, German, Italian and Danish.
Your benefit: If you speak any of these languages you can use PHRP in one of these languages.
Import function for existing ratings from GD Star Rating
Feature: Import function for existing ratings from GD Star Rating.
Your benefit: You have been using the GD Star Rating Plugin until now and would like to switch to PHRP? Not a problem! Just press the “Import” button and all your ratings will be imported to PHRP.
Compatible with WordPress 3.4.2 or higher.
Feature: From Purple Heart Rating Plugin version 1.5 and up this plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.4.2 or higher.
Your benefit: In case you haven’t upgraded from WordPress version 3.4.2 to anything higher yet, then this feature will not make you feel left out.
Professional support
Feature: Professional support
Your benefit: In case you should experience any issues with the premium version of PHRP, we’ll answer every question latest within 48 hours!
* Please note: Google says that there is no guarantee that the stars will appear in your search results. Our experience shows that it will appear when used regularly and not only on just one page.

Rich Snippets Are Currently The #1 SEO Trend!

Google says: „(…) We look forward to seeing structured markup continue to grow on the web, powering richer search results (…)“ Read here the full article.

Awesome features, awesome benefits, no monthly fee!

If you think so too then don’t hesitate any longer and start benefiting today from the sophisticated Purple Heart Rating Plugin for WordPress. You’ll get it for a one-time payment (= no monthly fee)! We put a lot of thought in it and you can make it your own for …

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Not sure to buy - Purple Heart Rating Plugin
Not sure yet?

No problem at all! Here’s a suggestion: Check out some websites where PHRP is already in use!

Example Article Rating with Purple Heart

Rating WordPress Purple Heart Client Article

Purple Heart Rating WordPress Plugin Client


Our customers can not be wrong

Time to start benefiting from PHRP as well, like other website owners? Then don’t hesitate any longer and make PHRP yours, for…

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Not sure to buy - Purple Heart Rating Plugin
Still not sure yet?

No problem at all! Hey, why don’t you have a quick look at what other users of PHRP say?

“The Purple Heart Rating Plugin finally brings me an easy to use rich snippet that allows our visitors to rate us within 5 seconds. It just takes one click of a button to help out! Other tools we tried require long interaction of the visitors, the Purple Heart Rating Plugin for WordPress finally allows the well desired one-click solution we need!”

Tim · www.onlinepokerwins.com


“As an avid webmaster, I’m not easily impressed, but the Purple Heart Plugin pleasantly surprised me. Not only for its easy installation and theme matching possibilities, but the incredible SEO benefit that comes with a really good value-for-money blew me away. The application looks neat and inviting on your webpage, and folks like to rate since it only involves a click. But the magic happens on the search page, where the results are displayed with Orange Stars below the title. My quick increase of traffic and ranking convinced me that the site visitor rating and the orange stars make a huge difference. They are definitely the eye candy that invokes attention and curiosity. Once one lands on the first page the advantage becomes even more evident, as one no longer needs to fiercely battle the often highly competitive first few positions, as one will still get plenty of traffic because of the eye pocking effect of the Orange Stars. Consequently the Purple Heart Plugin is now installed at all my sites.”

Bruno · www.sacredhairgrowthnow.com


“”I really like this plugin, I recommend it because it has so many customisable options, and if a user is code savvy, then it is fairly easy to customise without the full functionality of the back end.”

Adam · www.ancmotors.co.uk


These words from our satisfied clients are the reason why we put so much effort into the development of PHRP: to offer you the best possible rating plugin there is out there! If you’d like to be able to say the same, make it yours right away for…

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Who is behind the Purple Heart Rating Plugin?
We are Florian (aka ‘Flow’), Joachim (aka ‘DUKE’) and David (aka ‘Dave’), three guys from Germany. Like so many of us, maybe including you, we have been inspired by different persons’ philosophies, such as Tim Ferriss, Napoleon Hill, etc. At some point in our life we have come to the conclusion that we don’t want to work for others in the 9-5 rat race, but we prefer to create out own thing. The Purple Heart Rating Plugin (PHRP) for WordPress is our first project and with it we set out to support your online success. Will it be the ultimate SEO tool and make you filthy reach? No, it’s only one important tool/aspect amongst several that make you successful online. But if you do get filthy rich because of PHRP, do let us know 😉 One way we can also help you with that is to be an affiliate for PHRP. If you like this rating plugin and want to spread the word, you can earn an affiliate commission of 51% (!). More information here: https://wp-buddy.com/affiliates. By the way: check out our about page in case you want to know a bit more about Flow, Duke and Dave

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  1. thanx for this plugin

  2. hey
    great plugin mate!

    when the premium version will be available for sale?


  3. Hallo – finde ich toll, dass Ihr das Abstimmen per violetten Herz erfunden habt! Es hat meine Lieblingsfarbe und gefällt mir total gut! Herzen sind auch besser als Punkte und Sterne übersieht man ja schon, weil es schon soviele überall gibt. Ich hoffe, dass ich langsam mehr bei der Umsetzung meines ersten WordPress Website/Blogs durchblicke und immer mehr Leute irgendwie drauf kommen und eure Herzen drücken! 😉

    Hello – I think it’s awesome that you have invented the purple heart rating plugin! It is my favorite color and I like it very much! Hearts are also better than points. And stars are easy to overlook nowadays, because there are so many everywhere. I hope, that I finally learn somehow the secrets of WordPress Blogging/Website creating works, that more and more people find my site http://www.honestcoachreviews.com , which I have just started and rate there with your nice purple heart rating plugin! 😉

  4. I love purple heart – and please can you customize it like the other WP ratings, that one can rate posts AND pages not either or?

  5. Got your pro version from your website and can’t get the thank you message to work when user rates the article. Any suggestions please.

  6. Hi guys,

    Excellent plugin here!
    Can I have not only a simple rate per post but something like:

    – products quality –> rate
    – customer service –> rate
    – corporate image –> rate
    – presence on internet –> rate
    – some comments –> text field

    And then show top rated posts on some areas in my website via short codes for example?
    Thanks in advanced!

    • Hey rubencio,
      and thanks for your comment. This functionalities are not included at the moment. But I will write it down maybe for one of our future versions.

      Thanks for telling!

  7. hi

    is this compatible with woocommerce 2.0.20 and 2.1



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